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Sa., 26.01.19, 12:30 - 15:30 Uhr

Botanical Colour Pencil Drawing Workshop

Join us for an afternoon of botanical, creative fun surrounded by plants. This is a relaxed class open to all levels, even if you are a complete beginner!

I will be guiding you through a step by step process of drawing, sharing some techniques, tips and tricks I like to use in my own work. It is a small, intimate group of people and a free-flowing class with one on one feedback/tutoring at your request. All materials are provided, including a small hardback sketchbook, 2 pencils and a mini cactus that you can take home with you so you're all set to continue sketching. Refreshments will also be supplied.

So, just bring yourselves and a creative mindset, the rest is waiting for you at our wonderful location.

Für: Erwachsene

Anbieter: Plant Circle, veröffentlicht durch die Redaktion des Umweltkalenders Berlin »»»

Kosten: 58,50 € Early Bird | 65,50 € Normalpreis

Ort / Start: Neukölln, Allerstraße 11, 12049 Berlin

Anfahrt: Leinestraße (U8)

(© rawpixel, CC0, Pixabay)

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